Mobile Real Estate Closings in AZ – Sign Documents at Your Convenience

Mobile Real Estate Closings in AZ- Signing By Design provides “mobile” real estate closings for all of your Real Estate transactions here in the Phoenix Metro area. Why take time off work and rearrange your schedule to travel to the … Continue reading

Arizona Last Will and Testament

Arizona Will and Testament:  Even adults without families can benefit from having a Last Will and Testament. You have worked hard to earn what you have—your home, your car, your bank account—shouldn’t you have a say in how it will … Continue reading

Parental Permission to Travel – Notarized Letter For Traveling With Children

Parental Permission to Travel – The summer months are upon us and soon children will be out of school.  Hooray…summer brings the travel season!  Children may be traveling with their parents, one parent, a relative or a trusted group in … Continue reading