Arizona Last Will and Testament

Arizona Will and Testament:  Even adults without families can benefit from having a Last Will and Testament. You have worked hard to earn what you have—your home, your car, your bank account—shouldn’t you have a say in how it will be distributed? Without a will, your wishes will be irrelevant, and the state will decide how to distribute your estate. Precious heirlooms, that you may wish to give to a friend, will instead be sold at auction and the money will go to the government. In order to make sure that your estate is handled according to your wishes, and that your money is given to a friend, charity, or other organization of your choice, you must draft a will.

According to the United Way, 60% of Americans do not have a Last Will and Testament, leaving the government to decide how to divide their estate. If you want to have the final decision about how your estate is distributed, a Last Will and Testament is a vital document. Be smart…draft a Will and have it notarized…share it with a family member. It is the smart thing to do!!

Draft a Last Will and Testament and call Signing By Design to perform your notarizations.