Fee Schedule for Signing by Design Mobile & Remote Services

Mobile Real Estate Transactions
Mobile Real Estate Closings:
Purchase/Refinance Standard $125+
Purchase/Refinance >150 Pages $150+
Reverse Mortgage $200+
Seller $100+
Home Equity $100+
Modifications $100+
Trailing Doc $50+
Trailing Doc > 5 Pages $75+
Additional Options:
POA - Power Of Attorney Signing +$50
Credible Witness Signing +$50
Scan Back Service +$25
Branch Drop-Off Service +$25
Locations Over 40 Miles Round Trip Fee Negotiated
Mortgage Applications:
Mortgage Application Standard $100+
Reverse Mortgage Application $125+
Print Only Fee $25
Print/Trip Only Fee $75
Cancellation at Closing Table Full
RON Remote Online Services
Real Estate Closing $100+
General Document Signing $45 Service Fee + $10 per Notarization
General Notary Services
Estate Planning Mobile Trip Fee + $10 Per Notarization

Remote Service Fee + $10 Per Notarization
Power of Attorney
Living Will
Transfer or Sale of Motor Vehicles
Legal Documents
Financial Documents
Certified Copies
I9 Forms
General Documents
Payment Methods
Google Pay
Apple Pay